SOBE Manual

How would you like to be able to make an atheist backslide - in two minutes?

Or learn to use the incredible yet forgotten biblical principle of bypassing the intellect and speaking directly to a sinner's conscience, as Jesus did?

That means you will never again be intimidated by professing "intellectuals."

"Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have created a biblically sound course that will not only motivate Christians; it will equip them to fulfill the Great Commission."
- Josh McDowell
"Awesome...This course should be required in every theological seminary."
- Spencer S. Hanley
"As a graduate of EE and every other evangelism course I can find, yours by far has been the best."
- Bill Lawson

What you will receive...

Online Features:
101 Online Lessons
over 45 Audio Lessons
50 Cartoon Kids Lessons
a student community forum
Bonus Materials:
God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life (book)
Out of the Comfort Zone (book)
Hell's Best Kept Secret (audio)
True and False Conversion (audio)
Graduation Rewards:
Duo Tone NKJV Evidence Bible
Graduation Certificate

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